East Town & Elliott Park

Located just east of downtown proper, Elliot Park has a long and checkered history, first rising to prominence as the city’s most fashionable residential district and then declining as the city grew and changed with the times. Today, the neighborhood is once again transforming into an inviting residential oasis amid the downtown skyscrapers.

In the past decade a growing roster of small cafes and restaurants, retail stores and towering condominiums have risen alongside the neighborhood’s handsome brownstones, stately old mansions and tree-lined boulevards. Elliot Park also remains home to several larger institutions, including North Central University and the Hennepin County Medical Center.

The neighborhood’s recent renaissance combined with its close proximity to downtown has made the area an emerging destination for families and young professionals. Expect this trend to continue as ground breaks on the new Viking’s Stadium, which is poised to spur even more development in coming years.

Condos in East Town &
Elliott Park

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