Mill District

The heart of Minneapolis may be the stately skyscrapers of central downtown, but its soul is surely in the history and culture of the Mill District, where St. Anthony Falls once powered an industry that produced more flour than anywhere else in the world and gave birth to the Twin Cities as we know them today.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the district’s growth into one of Minneapolis’ most affluent urban neighborhoods has been guided by the Historic Mills District Master Plan. The city initiative continues to oversee the development of the District with the resurrected Guthrie Theater as its crown jewel, supported by the MacPhail Center for Music and the Mill City Museum—all popular destinations for visitors.

Residents, on the other hand, may appreciate the more laid-back experience provided by the spacious riverfront biking and walking trails that run along and across the Mississippi and around the historic Mill Ruins Park. If your journey builds up an appetite, you can easily fill up on fresh groceries with the selection of local, organic, and sustainable food at the Mill City Farmers Market or enjoy a meal at one of the district’s celebrated upscale eateries.

Condos in Mill District

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